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Life of a Lagosian(1)

The morning call to prayer from a nearby mosque penetrated into his ears. Though he couldn’t sleep deeply as a result of heat and the humming of mosquitoes, but he needed to rest against all these odds which he had been accustomed to. He performed all his daily rites which include bathing, cooking, dressing, etc. in his room and parlour self­­- contain. He looked into the mirror for the final touch to confirm that his highly starched and ironed suit looked good for the busy Monday.
Walking out of his room, he collided with his neighbour who had just switched off his I pass my neighbour generating set at the backyard. One hilarious thing about house arrangement in Lagos is that, the backyard of one house is another’s open yard. Also, most houses share the same fence. Hence, houses are moulded together like a pack of sardine. Bungalows battle for recognition with storey buildings which stand head-to-head as if to trample upon it. It is undeniable that Lagosians are used to heat because n…
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It’s being a while that I lost myself deeply in a novel without minding that I’m still awake at 1:40 am. I got my eyes glued and mind fused on this captivating tragic novel. No Second Chance by Sonala Olumhense unveiled the cruel side of life. It poses great threat and challenges that the dwellers of this world face every day. It reveals the instability and unpredictable nature of fortune. The author stated a captivating fact about life. “Life is a catalog of fluctuating fortunes. You have to learn to rise when you are down.” This will I never forget.
Life is full of unrealistic expectations. It comprises of shattered hopes and dreams. It is a replica of beauty and the beast. The beautiful nature of life can blindfold on at times, but it takes an inquisitive and knowledgeable individual to discover the cruelty and beastly nature of life. We live in a world where fortune and misfortune bargain on people’s life. We live in a world where fate decides our life like a chess …


 “Can I achieve what my mum has achieved?” he asked with amusement. He was baffled with his mother’s accomplishments. After listening to testimonies shared by those who worked under his mother, the son of the first African female Polytechnic Rector questioned his manhood over his mother’s achievements. This was definitely one of the honourable events ever attended as prominent individuals of Lagos State Polytechnic were all in robe to honour the late Dr. Humulkhari Oyindamola Anjorin who died at the age of 75.
According to, the frontline educationist and first African female Rector was educated at the University of Ile-Ife (1964-68), Agricultural University, Wagenigen, the Netherlands (1973-75), Royal Institute of Public Administration, London (1977-78) and University of Ibadan, Nigeria (1979-86). Precisely, the knowledge seeker spent 18 years at different institutions for the acquisition of knowledge. This is arguably a feat that females of this present genera…

Should they start wearing mask?


It seems that some people have lost their right sense of thinking, and their guilty conscience has long been scraped off their minds. They are people who supposed to command respect and dignity; rather, they are nothing but wolves in disguise of sheep. I doubt whether it is a crime to be a female in regards to the dirty incident I witnessed. This is not supposed to be heard of, but I can’t fold my hands and watch how young girls are being sexually harassed. Though I am not a female, but I believe that everybody deserves respect be it male or female. The case of sexual harassment has grown wings and elopes every nook and cranny of the country with educational institutions inclusive. Little wonder why male lecturers have followed suite of sexual harassment. They have become predators of this immoral act, having young female students as their prey.
School supposed to be a platform for future leaders and ambitious individuals, not a place where they are defor…

Me, myself and I

“Kenny, you shouldn’t have done that, I told you didn’t I?” He said.       “Forget it dude that slap will plant some senses on that dummy.” He replied.    “But you should have exercised patience to get clear evidence before carrying out that action.” He said again.     “What are you talking about? You already knew that the girl has a mischievous attitude and that makes you to wrongly accuse her of the missing money” He uttered again.   “That really served her well.” He added.   “Just listen to yourself, you’ve offended the innocent girl and you still insist that it served her well. You did apologize to her” He replied.     “Me, apologize? Impo…”      “Shut up and stop being stupid!” He yelled. Oops! I never knew I said that aloud. I was in a serious conversation within myself after wrongly accusing my cousin over my missing money which was later seen under my pillow. I slapped her out of anger and my conscience had since then been troubling me over her innocence. I was really lost in though…